11:00 – 22º

/ Semana diferente pela frente. Reabrirei a frente de comercialização de sites …       the talk with my family is behind that … I have 30 videos to make, a magazine to continue and companies to visit and call … I think the project is really great, and I don´t believe the spirituality is going to leave me alone at this moment. I’m sure they will be there for, with me. Let’s work it out. When it´s time to shine, it’ll shine anyway. And I’ll do my part, my best to make it come true. At least, I’ll have put some help on the net. But, I know there’s potential for much more. They want me to be a salesman … they feel it’s a quality of mine. Then I’ll give them what they asked for: I’ll sell my own projects. Trust. Confidence. Faith and Work.


Escrito por Paul Sampaio

PAUL SAMPAIO CHEDIAK ALVES é professor, locutor, apresentador de rádio e TV, web designer e diretor fundador da REDE SAMPAIO de Televisão e Sites.