What a great Sunday !!! I woke up this morning feeling like an Angel who speaks English and wants to share with the whole world, all about what’s happening here in Bauru.

I’m sure it’ll help us a lot to bring the strenght we need this moment, and finally, start making changes all over. Light the way for us on this one too, my Lord. We’re passing through the valley of shadow of death, MiLord. Many of them are screaming high, and suffering … they can’t understand we’re there to help them out, and they bite and scream, cry and attack …

Fiil up our hearts with Light, Peace and Love. We’ll need it while rescuing them from hell, Lord.

Thank you for the coming day, and use me as much as you want, Grand Master. Make me useful to help more people today.

Let’s go to the whole Planet now.
Time to use what We’ve been learning for last 43 years of life. Time to speak, only in the international language now.
Your Bless My Lord.

valley of the shadow of death

Escrito por Paul Sampaio

PAUL SAMPAIO CHEDIAK ALVES é professor, locutor, apresentador de rádio e TV, web designer e diretor fundador da REDE SAMPAIO de Televisão e Sites.