11:51 – 19º

What to say? New fase coming. My intuition feels it´s gonna be soon … time to get out of the shell. All this learning process was difficult but enough to do the job I have ahead. I’ll face people making faces, but many great humans who will help me with the work. If I´m not wrong, I´ll finally have my good moments now … even with all the shame on me because of what I´m going to tell ´em all. God bless this effort. I am the one to work it out, and I´ll be there to do it. Paul.

And about my team, I can say I´m very happy … hehehe … we´re in the finals now. For the first time in our history. First game in Argentina. And the second one,  at Pacaembú. Against Boca Juniors.

” Vai Corinthians ” 


Escrito por Paul Sampaio

PAUL SAMPAIO CHEDIAK ALVES é professor, locutor, apresentador de rádio e TV, web designer e diretor fundador da REDE SAMPAIO de Televisão e Sites.