16:02 – 22º

/ entrevista com Leonardo de Britto no Jornal da Cidade


When lives start and others finish

… it´s hard to understand things sometimes

… while I was interviewing Leo,

at home, my dogs were killing my last cat.

Tiger Woods was his name.

… but he is no more …

God bless you buddy … you and your brother and mother.

and I can´t ask you to forgive ‘em …

it´s hard for me who wasn’t killed by them …

Jesus help me …

I have problems today to love my animals … after all this.

Work in my heart my Lord.



Escrito por Paul Sampaio

PAUL SAMPAIO CHEDIAK ALVES é professor, locutor, apresentador de rádio e TV, web designer e diretor fundador da REDE SAMPAIO de Televisão e Sites.