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/ calendário permanente


19;04 – 26º

/ pontos levantados na conversa com a tia:

  • maria helena catini
  • cristino cabral
  • rodrigues de abreu
  • virgílio
  • ensino técnico
  • santa maria vila cardia municipal
  • antiga emef
  • desde 1960
  • são josé
  • formaturas
  • públicas
  • nono ano- fundamental
  • terceiro colegial – médio
  • professor coordenador
  • responsável pelas atividades pedagógicas da escolas
  • objetivos
  • trabalho religioso
  • interação com pais e mestres
  • homenagens
  • festas
  • ampliar a visibilidade da escola
  • a divulgação
  • na comunidade
  • dar destaque
  • valorização da educação
  • memória . registro
  • melhoria da qualidade de ensino
  • os esforços
  • equipamentos
  • inclusão digital
  • publicidade de apoio
  • editora
  • livrarias
  • cristino > imediações do estoril > lazer/ restaurantes/ comprando
  • técnicos / enfermagem
  • comércio ligado ao setor
  • redes de hospital
  • etec / fatec
  • senai / senac
  • quando os pais vão procurar escola
  • método de ensino
  • não é um institucional
  • não é publicidade paga
  • enfoque
  • um ponto de vista

Quem tem boa orientação e sabe aceitar, tem tudo.

11:31 -21º

/ recebí a resposta do e-mail do Anderson, meu primo

/ fiquei emocionado …

It was really amazing to see that you’re ok. I ‘m sure you have many stories to tell after all this time and I admire you even more than I ‘ve always had knowing that you’re winning this war. You know I’ve always been a coward in these metters maybe because I doubt I could have strength enough to find an exit. And that’s the reason I love to hear stories of people who can do it, although I know that it’s an everyday battle. Being a doctor sometimes is hard since we look to patients and diseases and think of them statistically. we have trouble to bet in the exceptions.
I never forget our times together: fighting in your bedroom,  plaing soccer with sockballs (?) in front of your door, playing truco and tennis and soccer and basketball, riding your motocicle around the city risking our lives, making fake interviews with people like arnaldo antunes, and other things. I really liked to think of you as the brother I didn’t have, a little bit crazy, but brilliant. And I felt myself very disappointed when you started with the drugs and kind of choosed your new friends, a new life that we both knew would make us apart. For a few years I trusted you to realize you’re in the wrong path but the news about your mother’s death seemed to me that would be your last chance to come back and start it all over again. And when you didn’ t come I assumed we’d lost you forever.
I’m really glad I was wrong. I’m very happy you now have a family, with your wife, daughter and grandchildren. And i’m sure that you’re gonna be great, because someone so special obviously exists to make a difference.
Your cousin
Anderson Sampaio Marui

… e a resposta à resposta:

Thank you Anderson. I’m still looking for some air here … what a touchy letter. You don’t imagine how happy your words and memories made me feel. It´s interesting to see how people felt about things they shared together. Mainly when these people mean a lot to us. Your reading of the situation between 1990 and 2009, was just perfect. When I spent 13 years in Bahia, and 8 of them, alone, after my mom´s death, I also thought I wouldn´t make it. That´s very easy to get in, and almost impossible to get out. I had to find the bottom of the my own well (poço) to overcome my pride and ask for help. After knowing A.A program, I still insisted for sometime, in trying to drink socially. But, finally, in September of 2010, I recognized to myself that I was sick, and I really had to stop drinking forever. I´d like you to read, when you have time, an article I wrote to the city newspaper, when Sócrates, the player, died:  https://paulsampaio.com/2012/01/21/socrates-e-o-alcoolismo-2/  … that was the moment I decided to tell the world what was my motto (lema) from that moment on – recovery. Well, once again, I want to thank you for these very nice words. That´s exactly the kind of thing a person needs to get even more confident. God bless you cousin. Paul.

‘ Quando der esmola, não deixe que sua mão esquerda saiba o que a direita fez. ‘

Mateus 6:3

9:33 – 19º

/Não há atalho. Todo aquele que quiser passar de fase, precisará vivê-la inteiramente.

Escrito por Paul Sampaio

PAUL SAMPAIO CHEDIAK ALVES é professor, locutor, apresentador de rádio e TV, web designer e o criador da REDE SAMPAIO de Sites.